WordPress Publicizing Failed on Ubuntu/Debian Server Issue

Solving: WordPress Publicizing Failed in Debian/Ubuntu

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Hi, this is an easy Troubleshooting of the Post Publicizing Failed Issue for WordPress in Ubuntu/Debian GNU/Linux Servers.

Usually this problem is caused by a Missing or Unachieved PHP cURL Setup!

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  1. Installing PHP cURL Extension

    Now to Install PHP cURL
    Generally play:

    sudo apt install phpX.Y-curl php-curl
    And so for instance for the current PHP 7.4 it looks like:
    sudo apt install php7.4-curl php-curl
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  3. Restarting Apache

    So then to Restart Apache Web Server
    It’s is important to Reload it just like this:

    sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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